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  • WECode 2023 Conference

    The Harvard Women Engineers Code (WECode) team is thrilled to announce our annual conference, the largest student-run Women in Computer Science conference in the world, on Feb. 18 to 19, 2023!
  • The 6th International Conference on Future of Women 2023

    Welcome to the 6th International Conference on Future of Women 2023 which will take place from the 23rd – 24th February 2023 in Hybrid Platform. We hope the Future of Women 2023 unites diverse researches, stories and case studies from all over the world, in parallel sessions while offering many networking and publishing opportunities. Discover the latest trends and challenges in the field at this leading conference and enjoy everything the hybrid platform has to offer.

    ​A Year to Realize the Infinite Possibilities of Technology & Data. The conference featured two keynote sessions that were both insightful and inspiring. Amanda Makulec started things off with a presentation on the importance of human elements when creating visualizations and the role of charts in the world of rapid storytelling and misinformation sharing. She taught the audience how to be more mindful creators and consumers of data visualizations, inspiring others to do the same. Kathy Kleiman wrapped things up with a presentation on the discovery of the involvement of six pioneering…
  • WICXInspire 2023

    Join us at #WICxInspire2023, the Cloud B2B Partnerships Summit, where accomplished women SAAS founders, CEOs, and cloud channel companies gather to establish transformative partnerships that foster innovation and generate increased customer demand. Engage with esteemed industry leaders to develop go-to-market strategies and sales initiatives, cultivate channel and cosell partnerships, and secure lucrative business deals. Gain valuable insights from inspiring keynote speakers, actively participate in interactive workshops, and establish valuable connections with like-minded individuals and…
  • Women in Tech Global Conference 2023

    The WomenTech Network is organizing the third edition of the world's largest online tech conference for women, minorities, and their allies, Women in Tech Conference 2023 May 9-12 This year's conference focuses on Technology Leadership (Chief in Tech Summit), Tech Innovation (Key Tech Summit), professional development (Career Growth Summit), and how we may make an impact and influence the future together. Speakers: WomenTech Global Conference 2023 speakers include top female tech leaders, CEOs, and executives from companies such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, AT&T, JP Morgan & Chase,…
  • Will Generative AI steal your job or boost your productivity?

    The AI Landscape (short overview) The arrival of ChatGPT has injected a spark into the booming A.I. market and ignited fierce competition between tech giants, with Google now compelled to buckle up for the new technology race. On Monday, they unveiled Bard - their own chatbot creation - while Microsoft recently invested $10 billion in ChatGPT's parent organization last month. It is clear that this sector will be hotbed of activity as these industry captains battle it out. The moral maze of Generative AI such as Chat GPT, Bard and Bing, may remind you strongly of Lensa, which supposedly…
  • 5 Signs of a Toxic Workplace

    According to Future Forum survey results revealed yesterday, more than 40% of desk workers are suffering from burnout. The data also highlighted the strong correlation between age and gender with regards to burnout rates; women, in particular, were far more likely (46%) to experience this feeling compared to men (37%). In addition, younger people seemed much more prone towards experiencing such feelings when compared with their older colleagues - 48% of those under 30 reported being burned out at work as opposed to only 40% of those aged 30+. How to spot the red flags and avoid being…
  • Leadership in Tech: 4 Tips to Get More Women to the Top

    Despite the progress made in recent years, gender balance within functional tech leadership remains an unmet promise. Chief technology officers (CTOs), chief information officers (CIOs), and other executive-level roles have yet to reach a truly equal representation between men and women, data sets typically show female representation ranging from 15-25%. CEOs and CHROs who are responsible for succession planning must take action to improve these numbers - however slow it might be moving, it is still necessary to make lasting change. With women controlling approximately $31.8 trillion in…
  • Be True to Yourself: Harness The Power of Authenticity in Tech

    There have been lots of discussions lately about the need for more authenticity in tech. Women have been speaking out about the importance of being true to themselves and not trying to conform to the often-unrealistic standards that are set for them. It can be hard to be authentic in such a competitive and fast-paced industry, but it's worth it. The Importance of Being Yourself in the Tech World The tech industry is packed with competition. How else can one stand out if they are not themselves? Pretending to be somebody else is a recipe if not for disaster, at least for remaining unseen…
  • Is It Too Late to Start A Career in Tech?

    No matter your age, it's never too late to pursue a career in tech. In fact, many women find success later in life after making a switch to the tech industry. With so many opportunities available, there's no reason not to give it a try.