The WomenTech Network is organizing the third edition of the world's largest online tech conference for women, minorities, and their allies, Women in Tech Conference 2023 May 9-12

This year's conference focuses on Technology Leadership (Chief in Tech Summit), Tech Innovation (Key Tech Summit), professional development (Career Growth Summit), and how we may make an impact and influence the future together.

Speakers: WomenTech Global Conference 2023 speakers include top female tech leaders, CEOs, and executives from companies such as Google, Microsoft, IBM, AT&T, JP Morgan & Chase, and many more.

Speakers will include technology leaders from leading companies of our time to influential women in tech who have made a difference through their work across the world.


The WomenTech Network is the world’s largest community for women in tech with more than 8000 ambassadors representing 172 countries. Since 2018 its founders have engaged 80000 tech specialists to join in building a diverse global community inspiring and reaching +3.5 million people.

The network’s mission is to empower communities of talented and motivated women in tech through leadership development, professional growth, mentorship, and networking events to make a difference by building impactful and inclusive technology, while introducing them to like-minded people, inspiring speakers and opportunities at leading companies and innovative startups that aim to create diverse teams or culture of belonging.

Event Date & Location
9-12 May, 2023 - Virtual & Hybrid