Women in tech conferences and events can be a great experience. Women who attend these events often find opportunities to learn about the latest innovations, connect with other tech leaders, entrepreneurs, explore new job opportunities, or meet potential investors. Women-focused organizations such as WomenTech Network or Women Who Code offer networking opportunities for women interested in technology careers.

Women should feel safe at these conferences and it is important that we take steps to ensure their safety. These steps include: having an explicit code of conduct; providing a clear list of resources available during the event; creating spaces where people can go if they need help; making sure there are staff members available to intervene when necessary; implementing gender equality measures like flexible hours, virtual attendance options, childcare, etc.; ensuring there are adequate accommodations for single parents; and having security guards or police officers on site.

Women in Tech Global Conference 2024

The WomenTech Network is organizing the third edition of the world's largest online tech conference for women, minorities, and their allies, Women in Tech Conference 2024 April 23-25

This year's conference focuses on Technology Leadership (Chief in Tech Summit), Tech Innovation (Key Tech Summit), professional development (Career Growth Summit), and how we may make an impact and influence the future together.


SOCAP brings together the world's most engaged and diverse impact investing community. As the premier event and leading facilitator in the impact economy for over 15 years, the SOCAP conference has attracted over 100,000 participants since its inception. This expansive, action-driven gathering serves as a catalyst for investors, entrepreneurs, and social impact pioneers to collaborate and drive advancements in addressing the world's most formidable challenges through market-based solutions.

Women Impact Tech Atlanta 2023

The Women Impact Tech Atlanta 2023 is a remarkable event that celebrates the contributions and achievements of women in the tech industry. With a diverse range of keynote speeches, workshops, and panel discussions, attendees have the opportunity to expand their knowledge, explore emerging trends, and gain insights from industry experts. Beyond the educational aspects, the conference fosters a sense of community, enabling women in tech to connect with one another, share experiences, and find support and encouragement.

Women in Tech Boston

Join the celebration of diversity as we gather over 1000 leading women in tech and diversity advocates, ranging from global pioneers to innovative startups. Together, we will highlight the technology, individuals, and enterprises that are spearheading transformative change.

Bridging Tech with Diversity

"Bridging Tech with Diversity" is a unique conference hosted by ChickTech. This exceptional event aims to unite talented women, girls, non-binary individuals, and allies, offering them an opportunity to enhance their abilities, foster a supportive community, and advance their professional journeys.