It can be difficult to find balance as a working mom. Juggling a career and family is never easy, but it can be done if you have the right tools and strategies. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips for finding balance as a working mother. We will also talk about how women in tech can achieve work-life balance.

Tip #01: Create a Schedule

Creating a schedule is one of the best ways to achieve balance as a working mom. When you have a plan, it is easier to stay organized and on track. Make sure your schedule includes time for both work and family obligations. You may also want to create separate schedules for weekdays and weekends. This will help you better manage your time.

Tip #02: Say No Sometimes

It can be difficult to say no, but sometimes it is necessary in order to maintain balance as a working mom. If you are constantly saying yes to requests from both your family and your employer, you will quickly become overwhelmed. Learn how to say no politely so that people understand your situation. It's okay to turn down invitations or to delegate tasks at work if you need some time for yourself.

Tip #03: Set Boundaries With Your Employer

It's important to set boundaries with your employer in order to achieve balance as a working mom. You may want to ask them about flexible hours, telecommuting options and other benefits that would allow you more time with family while still getting your job done effectively. It is also helpful if they understand when there are times where it might be difficult for you (i.e., sick children).

Tip #04: Take Advantage of Technology

Technology can be a great tool for working moms, especially if you have to travel or take care of sick children. You can use your cell phone to stay in touch with family members while at work and vice versa. There are many apps available that allow parents and caregivers access from anywhere in the world! These tools will enable you achieve balance as a Working Mother who juggles career and family effectively.

Tip #05: Make Time for Yourself

This may seem like an obvious one but it's worth repeating; make time for yourself! Working mothers need regular breaks just like everyone else does no matter how busy they are juggling between their career responsibilities and family obligations. Working moms often feel guilty about taking time off but it is so important! Make sure you schedule some time each day for yourself, whether it is to read a book, take a walk or just relax. You will feel refreshed and more balanced after taking some time for yourself.


We hope these tips help working mothers achieve balance in their lives. Being able to manage work and family obligations effectively can be challenging but it is definitely doable with the right tools and strategies. As women in tech, we should aim to set an example for other working mothers by showing that it is possible to have a successful career while also raising a happy and healthy family. We can do this by creating schedules, saying no when necessary, using technology wisely, and making time for ourselves. Let's strive to find balance as Working Mothers!