Do you ever find yourself speaking but not getting your point across?

No worries! We have all been there: Being a woman in the technology industry could be very intimidating. Research shows that 75% of women do not speak up if the setting is male-dominated. That is why we need a network of women to encourage us along the way.

Often overlooked, nervous and doubtful? 

Read on our top five tips to amplify your voice as a woman in tech:


Tip One: All Facts Under Your Belt!

Back your point of view with relevant examples and support your passion with a convincing presentation! A fact is worth a thousand doubts, so to speak!


Tip Two: Confidence and Chin up!

For others to be willing to hear you, first you must believe in yourself. Stand your ground, be aware of your strengths and do not underestimate your good posture! Nothing wrong with practicing in front of the mirror or with allies who could cheer you up.


Tip Three: Forget Over-Apologizing!

Use “I’m Sorry”, only when needed. You do not need to apologize for speaking up! We often let self-doubt get in the way and block the best we are capable of. Watch your “Sorry” and use it wisely.


Tip Four: Attend a Tech Conference for Women!

Meet role models, learn new skills, get acquainted with like-minded people and open up new career opportunities to yourself. Consider the variety of inspiration you could benefit from and hesitate no further. Network, learn and become more confident in what you do.


Tip Five: Find a Good, no, a Great Mentor!

Signing up for a conference is surely one of the best ways to find a mentor, but not the only one. You could find the right mentor just by reaching out to your existing circle or by joining a mentorship program.

However you approach your new, more confident persona behavior, remain authentic and do not let yourself to get pigeonholed. Voice your opinion and back it up with valid arguments.

We hope these career tips were useful. Get more support as a woman in tech here

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